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Annual Report


This years annual report captures both the beauty of wildlife and the challenges we face in ensuring their survival across Canada.  From caribou to ice seals, we explain how WCS Canada scientists are using the insights gained from long hours in the field to shape conservation and land-use plans and to help species survive. We also look at how we can take action now to prevent big problems later, such as designing cutting-edge conservation networks for the still-wild Northern Boreal Mountains in Yukon or helping bats in Western Canada survive and recover after the arrival of a deadly disease that has already swept through eastern North America. 


This year's report takes on a highly visual format to illustrate the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats. In an age of increased climate change, we focus specifically on our work in Canada's Arctic and on freshwater fish in Ontario's Northern Boreal Forests.


Our newest Annual Report keeps you updated with the important work WCS scientists completed last year. Listen in to arctic waters, tag along with Dr. Cori Lausen as she tags bats in western Canada, and discover why proper land-use planning is crucial for the Ontario Northern Boreal region.


Our first annual report brings you an on-the-ground look at the work of WCS scientists across Canada through stories, videos and photos.  From the Arctic to the Appalachians, the report describes how we combine field research, mapping, community outreach and education to help save wildlife and wild places.


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